Why choose Archive Innovation for your digitizing needs? We are a company local to Northeast Indiana with nearly ten years of experience in photography and digitization, and we have a passion for preserving and sharing memories. Our prices are the most affordable in the business and we treat each customer with personal care.



You don’t have to dig through the closet to find the slide projector and screen to view your slides. Digitizing them makes them available on any screen, at any size, so you can relive that great vacation.

Price: $0.20 per slide


Often overlooked, negatives are an essential part of the photographic process. Even when digitized, they can be used to make the positive, or reverse, image. This can be invaluable in the case of a lost or damaged positive print.

Price: $0.20 per negative
Old photos


Photographs are the foundation of any family’s collection of memories. We help protect these priceless images by making digital copies. We touch them up using the latest technology in digital imaging, restoring them to their original glory.

Price: $0.20 per photo
Floppy Discs

Floppy Discs

Have an old box of floppy discs sitting around, and no way to view their contents? We’ll rescue your files and transfer them to modern storage!

Note: Due to the nature of software, we cannot guarantee modern computers will have software able to open files found on older media. Every attempt to access content will be made.

Price: $3.00 per disc
Audio cassettes

Audio Cassettes

Tapes. CDs. MP3s. How we record sound has changed quickly in the past twenty years. If you still have that collection of old cassette tapes, you can listen to them again, now Walkman-free! Just choose CD or MP3 files on a flash drive for your listening pleasure.

Price: $5.00 per tape
VHS tapes

VHS Tapes

Nothing beats watching home movies as a way to revisit family memories. Skip the hassle of finding a VCR and adjusting the tracking, we have you covered. Whether it’s videos from dad’s camcorder or off-air TV recordings, now you can experience them with the convenience of DVD or digital video files on flash drive to watch on your computer.

Price: $5.00 per tape

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